10 Reasons That Goats Are Awesome Pets for Homesteaders

You might be wondering if goats are genuinely good pets when thinking of bringing one to your homestead as a pet. Well, pondering over all the pros and cons before bringing any pet to the house is crucial.

You might have watched cute and funny goat videos on YouTube. Aren’t they charming?

Yet if one question is bothering you again and again, will you be able to handle the little packet of joy after bringing it to your homestead?

As a goat owner, I assure you that those naughty little pets have a lot of good things in them, which is why it becomes hassle-free to raise them. I will walk you through why you can find any pet more adorable and responsible than goats.

Are Goats Good Pets? 10 Reasons Why We Think They Are!

As a homesteader, if you are hesitating to decide whether you will raise a goat gracefully or not, you can consider a few points till the time your decision is pending.

1. They are super cute and adorable

I bet no one can deny that a goat is one of the cutest pets they can have. Just look at them, how decent, charming, and attractive they are. It is one of the reasons why we call goats as a perfect pet.

They are not only cute look wise, but because of their silly activities as well. You will find their silliness pretty cute. They are not just limited to commercial usage nowadays.

People are attracting towards them as a pet because of their ultimate cuteness. This tiny jumping animal is going to win your heart in no time. And not just this, they will be perfect for bringing you out of the stress even on the cloudiest day of yours.

So, if you have this question in your mind that goats are good pets, then because of their cuteness, my answer would be, you can’t find a pet more adorable that a goat is.

2. A Perfect Energetic Climber

Goats can spend their whole day jumping and playing. Being very sneaky, they won’t leave even the slightest chance of escaping.

Whether you live in plains or plateau or even mountains, goats will find it very easy to follow you because of their great climbing and jumping abilities. Jumping is also suitable for their health.

If you are keeping a goat as a pet at your homestead, it can play with you the whole day long without any worries because of its high energy. They can easily change your mood with their jumping and playing. Even if you have kids at your home, goats will become their favorite playtime partner and perfect friend as well.

Yes, goats are good pets, even not just good, they are the perfect pets one can raise at their homestead.

3. Constant Entertainers

Humans find it very interesting and adorable watching their pet goat walking, jumping, climbing, and playing. It can act as a quick mood refresher while working. Their silly yet innocent activities are enough to make anyone cherish.

Some of you can also find them funny, jumping from here, roaming around you all the time. You can talk with it, go on a walk with it and even take it to a ride.

While playing, they produce pretty silly yet funny noises. Sometimes you might find their noises irritating at once. But after looking at that adorable face, you can resist yourself but laugh.

Most people now prefer goats are the right pet because of its charm and annoying yet cute playing.

You can even build a playground for them to enjoy there. All you need to do is find some old things like a plastic bottle or plastic crate or wooden planks and show some DIYs using them.

If you are still confused about whether goats are good pets or not, let me continue proving it to you.

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4. Can Be Your Perfect Puppy

You might find it a little strange, but it’s true. Your goats can act as a bit of a puppy around you. They can follow you everywhere, and they can go on long walks with you and is loyal to you.

Being a lovely pet, they will follow you like your shadow. I have seen goats attached to their masters that they even eat their food with their hands. Not just this, if you love them a little, they will spend their whole life serving you. Those jumpers and climbers will not only entertain you but will help you in some of your work.

Like, you can teach them to bring a newspaper, right at your tea table every morning. It can also help you with fetching your mails. There is no doubt about whether goats are good pets or not because you can’t find a pet more charming, entertaining, and helping than goats.

5. Their Alertness Is Their Strength

Not just goats are very active all the time. They can play or roam around you the whole day long without getting a little bit of tired. The only requirement they have from your end is proper food, water, shelter, and a little bit of love.

Goats have one of the most succulent, lean, tender, and juicy meat ever. No one can ignore to have a taste of their meat. Thus, they are most prone to the attack of a predator.

But because of their instincts, they are alerted of any predator attack. Instead of this, they can easily make you aware of any suspicious activity going around your house even at night because of their loud and attentive nature.

I was not wrong calling goat a puppy. Thus, even if you have the slightest doubt regarding goats being good pets, you will have an answer after showing their alertness.

6. Different Types of Goats

Every individual has their issues, and not all the goat breeds are the same, which is an advantage for goat keepers. Some are cold hardy while others are heat hardy, and some of them are both.

Some of them have a shorter height; few of them have longer. Some goats can be loud, while others can be very silent.

Some of them are good for milk production, while some goats are ideal for meat. No matter what kind of goat you are looking for, you will find one as per your need because of their versatility.

7. Smart and Intelligent Animal

Goats are one of the smartest pets breeds you can own. Not just is it wise enough to find 101 ways of their escape. They can even pass through the smallest hole they can find within the fence. They will try their best not to enter the door of your homestead once you caught them.

They always prefer to stay with their herd, which is another intelligent move as they are safer when surrounded by a pack of goats.

Even if you want them to restrict for one thing or another, they will find a way to do that thing again and again.

You are going to doubt their intelligence after looking at them escaping from your homestead. Thus, you might need to treat it properly to earn its trust and avoid its escape. Once you can do so, these climbers can even astonish you with more of their smartness.

8. Who Doesn’t Like Delicious and Nutritious Dairy?

Apart from all the charm, love, and affection, you will get from a goat, there is one thing you will leverage from goats always, that is milk.

Goats milk is one of the most digestible dairy ever. That means even some lactose-intolerant people can also drink goat’s milk.

Ever the goats not suitable for milking purposes can provide at least 2 liters of milk a day. That means you are going to get delicious, yum, butterfat-rich, and nutritious milk. And that too free of cost.

Its milk is an excellent source for the dairy industry as well. Some of the finest cheese is made up of goat’s milk. So, you can also take commercial advantage of your pet goat.

So not just goats are good pets, it will help you financially as well in one way or another.

9. Buying A Goat Is Not Going to Dig A Hole in Your Pocket

Keeping a dog as a pet can be quite expensive, as you will find a puppy of a reputed dog breed out of your budget. Goats are the perfect replacement if dogs. Not just they are loyal, caring, and helping, buying goat will not be a burning hole in your pocket. Even you can bring one within your budget.

And not just bringing goats require minimal expense on their upbringing as well.

They don’t need any specific food. Being herbivore, a bunch of green grass or leaves can be a delicious meal for them. They don’t need massive vaccinations moreover.

You will not need to spend much on their collar. Even goats can satisfy themselves with toys like a plastic bottle or a home-made pool.

Thus, you can pet a goat without even going out of your budget and will leverage not only the best pet but also the delicious milk and sometimes, great fabric from their hairs

10. Requires Minimal Care

If you are still stuck on the question that is goat the right pet? Then this last point is going to clear all your doubts. While other pet animals require proper care and protection. You will need to keep a keen eye on other pet animals to make sure they don’t need anything.

All this is not the case with goats. You can’t find an animal more independent goat is. Most of the time, it is going to feed themselves grazing. Being active and alert all the time, they can also take care of themselves against most threats.

There are just a few things you might need to take care of while keeping a goat breed as a pet. Tetanus vaccination is crucial for them. Tetanus can be one of the biggest enemies of your pet goat. Thus, ensure a proper vaccination of your goat breed.

Another crucial thing to be to take care of is the deworming sessions for your pet. Goats are highly prone to worms and parasites. Thus, a proper deworming is very important for them.


Everyone has their pros and cons. And so, do goats have some. Although we have tried to mention all the pros of goats that will be sufficient to answer your question, are goats good pets?

I hope after reading this article, you will acknowledge goats as one of the best pets one can own. Not just they have docile and friendly nature, you can always find them cheerful, even on the cloudiest day of your work. They will take your stress away and will make you giggle and laugh a lot.