9 Best Places to Buy Ducks Online

In the ever-so-growing world, staying one step ahead is the demand of time. Well, everything is accessible online nowadays, and so are ducks.

Online websites not only provide a variable price point from where you can compare and choose the most affordable one, but also gives a complete description of the duck, duckling, or duck product you are going to purchase for your better understanding.

You can then choose the duck, as per your requirement and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

Now the problem that you may face is to find the best place to buy duck online. After thorough research, we have come up with nine different websites where you can find fresh ducks and duck products online.

9 Best Places to Buy Ducks Online

If you want to get a duck, but are not interested in going to the market and searching for the perfect breed, then you can find these websites as your complete guide to get one.

1. J&M Hatcheries

JM Hatcheries is one of the largest bird suppliers all over the US. They collaborate with various duck hatcheries from where free ducks, duck eggs, and ducklings are exported all over the US, making it the best place to buy ducks online.

Their major duck export concentrates on Khaki Campbell Ducklings and White Muscovy Ducks. White Muscovy Ducks mainly are bred in France then exported all over the globe’s restaurant for their tender and lean meat.

While they raise Khaki Campbell ducklings majorly for their high egg yielding capabilities, it can lay up to 300 ducks per year.

JM exports White Muscovy every week in a year, while Khaki Campbell is exported every first Monday of the month.

JM has a unique delivery chart with which they calculate the delivery charges and additional taxes depending upon the distance and number of flocks.

Apart from ducks, various kinds of chickens, geese, swan, and other poultry animals are also available.


  • They are known for their fastest delivery.
  • Minimal delivery charges and other taxes.
  • They mainly deliver ducks to restaurants for their lean and tender meat.


  • They only raise two breeds of ducks.

2. Murray McMurry Hatchery

Murry McMurry Hatchery is known for its world-class flock breed from the past 100 years. On a complete order, it provides free delivery all around the US. At the same time, they apply a minimal delivery charge on all other orders.

With the highest quality breeds, it ensures a surprisingly fast delivery with 48 hours of order. A cancellation offer is also provided with the delivery. One can cancel their waterfowl order before noon. For any cancellation post noon, an extra $10 will be charged.

They have a wide variety of ducklings, including Buff Duck, Cayuga Duck, White Crested Duck, Saxony Duck, Khaki Campbell Duck, Silver Appleyard, Welsh Harlequin Duck, Pekin Ducks, and various other kinds of ducks. It exports ducks, eggs, and duck meat.

Several breeds of chicken, geese, swans, and other flocks are also available on this website.

One can order a minimum of 2 ducks while a maximum of 9 ducks of the same breed at a time. With a very reasonable price and on-time delivery, McMurry Hatcheries is exporting its high-quality duck for the past various years.


  • Known for its fastest delivery within 24 hours.
  • Worthy cancellation offer.
  • Wide variety of ducks and duckling options available at a very reasonable price.


  • Its fast delivery is limited to the US only.

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3. Cackle Hatcheries

With 202 distinct kinds of flocks, its 3rd generation of Cackle Hatcheries that is selling flocks and eggs, and their business is growing eventually. It was established in the US in 1936 and is known for its best quality flocks and eggs till then.

If you want a duck with some particular specifications, it is the perfect website you can visit. You will find ducks as per your requirements for fat ducks, skinny ducks, rare ducks’ breeds, and cross-breed ducks.

It is one of the best places to buy ducks online as you can get waterfowls as per your requirement.

They avail ducks at the lowest possible price. Many duck breeds, including Mallards, Runner ducks, Pekins, Buff, Silver Appleyard, and various other duck species, can be bought from this store. Eggs of the ducklings, as mentioned above, are also available for sale at the lowest possible price on Cackle Hatcheries, and thus the best places to buy ducks online.


  • Wide variety of ducks, ducklings, and eggs available.
  • Serving from the past three generations.
  • Flocks are available at a very reasonable price.


  • Don’t deliver eggs and ducks outside the US.

4. Dartagnan

Whether you are looking for a whole duck for your poultry or a pet or looking for fresh and tender duck meat, Dartagnan is what you can rely on.

Fresh duck meat, eggs, and ducklings from the farm will directly be exported to your door at the lowest possible price, making it the best place to buy ducks online.

Duck breasts, Mallard ducks, Pekins, and even Rohan duckling is present on this website at a very reasonable rate. Whether you want chicken sausages or duck breast, chicken leg piece, or duck eggs, it is the perfect website where you can find fresh and tasty flocks and flock items.


  • Very fresh and lean meat.
  • Healthy flocks are delivered all the time.
  • Seller and buyer website where people can either sell their flocks or get a new flock delivered at their home.


  • Their delivery is comparatively slow.

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5. Game Farm

Game Farm is standing strong in the field of online flock delivery for the past 100 years. The delicate and juicy meat that it delivers is making the customer satisfied.

It is an Australia based meat delivery website that provides juicy, tender meat of waterfowl and kangaroo, squab, turkeys, and chickens.

If you want meat in a very high quantity immediately, then Game Farm is the perfect place to buy ducks online.

Fresh and premium quality duck breast and duck legs is the specialty of Game Farm. Internal parts of goose and ducks are also available at the lowest possible price.

Lamb meat is the latest addition to the website. And they are trying to bring new and rare flocks on their website.


  • Variety of meats and flock parts available online.
  • Very reasonable price-wise.
  • The premium quality of the product.


  • Delivery is limited to the Australian continent.

6. BackYard Poultry

As the name suggests, Backyard Poultry is a start-up that takes up an order of flocks, feeds, and eggs online and delivers it at your door at a very reasonable price. With free shipping all over the Us, it is one of the best places to buy ducks online.

Whether you want a goat, chicken, or ducks, you can visit Backyard Poultry. Apart from living breeds, flock feed, meat and eggs are also available on this website.

Various duck varieties, including Mallard ducks, Pekins, Ancona, Silver Appleyard ducks, and ducklings, are also available. Apart from ducks, turkeys, goose, chickens, and lambs are also available here.

You will get various articles related to flock raising on this website that will help the newbies in this field.


  • Variety of breed of different flocks available at the lowest possible price.
  • Free delivery all over the USA.
  • Apart from whole flocks, flock feeds, meats and eggs are also available on this website.


  • Their delivery is very slow comparatively.

7. California Hatchery

The most prominent feature of California Hatchery that makes it the best place to buy ducks online is that it can deliver as small as a 3-day old duckling in front of your door.

In ducks, it offers Saxony ducklings, Silver Appleyard ducks, Pekin and Muscovy ducklings. Apart from ducks and ducklings, you can also buy a goose, swans, chickens, and other flocks on this website.

If you want the premium quality of duck feed, then you must visit BackYard poultry. Right from ducks to ducklings, protein-rich duck and hen eggs, chickens, turkey, and ever rarest quality breed, all at one place.

It has the fastest delivery record, with organic poultry feeds being shipped within 24 hours of the order in any USA. Their summer sale is about to start in October, where they are even introducing some new breeds of flocks.


  • Premium quality poultry flocks, eggs, and feed certified internationally.
  • You can either choose a child flock or a full-grown adult.
  • High-speed delivery variety of breeds all along the US.


  • It is restricted to the US only.

8. Purely poultry

As its name suggests, Purely Poultry always tries to provide the premium quality of flocks and flock products. Ranging from flock feed to whole flocks, eggs to meat, it is the best place where you can buy ducks online.

Within waterfowls, purely poultry avails a lot of ducks that one can choose as per their specifications. It has Mallards, Silver Appleyard’s, Blue Runner Ducks, Black runner ducks, Wood ducks, and various other duck breeds.

It also avails cute ducklings at a very reasonable price. You can find a duckling that is only a few days old to a full-grown duck aging a few years.

Apart from ducks’ various other flocks, including geese, chickens, and Swans, Purely Poultry is also available. Flock eggs are also available on this website.

If you are looking for organic and fresh flock feeds, then you can find that here too.


  • The various wild and rare quality flocks are available on this website.
  • Flocks are available at a very reasonable and affordable price.
  • It has ideal customer service as well.


  • Order cancellation is not available in their company policies; thus, once the order is placed, one can’t cancel it.

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9. Fresh Farm Ducks

Certified by USDA, ducks in Fresh Farm are grown in a very spacious and hygienic place with ideal temperature. Whether you want fresh meat, milk, or eggs, this is the perfect place you can visit.

Fresh Farm Ducks is an all-duck product website, where you can find the high-quality of duck products very easily online.

Their frozen duck meat and duck eggs are of premium quality and available at a very affordable price. Thus, if you want lean and tender meat, this is the best place to buy duck meat online.

Apart from this, duck breast, duck legs, duck wings, and a whole range of duck products are available at Fresh Farm ducks.


  • An all-duck product website to get high-quality duck eggs and meat.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Keeps complete care of ducks and provides them suitable growing conditions as per USDA guidelines.


  • This website doesn’t sell a whole duck or ducklings.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement of technology, life has become more comfortable. Everything is online now; you can shop or sell things without physically going out. That is quite an advantage.

We can not only purchase duck products but whole waterfowls online nowadays. So, you can get complete information about the duck, duckling, duck product, or egg you are buying and then order. The flock will reach out to your door within a few days after you order it.

Not just purchasing, but if you own a poultry farm and want to sell your flocks or products to outlying areas, you can even do that. You can collaborate with an already online website, or you can also create one of your own, where you can sell your duck and products.

In this smart world, it is essential to come ahead and show your potential to people through a much more comprehensive platform.