7 Quietest Goat Breeds to Raise on Your Homestead

Are you looking for a perfect companion that can adjust to your homestead? Well, you can consider goats then.

Goats are tiny, cute, and joyous animals that will not entertain you with their fun activities, but you will also get various other benefits from them.

First of all, you can raise goats for meat production. Other than that, you can also raise goats because of fine hair that is perfect for fiber production. And who doesn’t want delicious and nutritious goat milk at the convenience of your homes?

Goats are also one of the easiest flocks you can handle. Being independent, they don’t rely on you much.

Did you know more than 200 goat species exist all around the world? And the surprising fact is that they all vary in their behavior, size, adaptations, and milk production. Each of them has a unique property.

But only some of them are silent ones.

7 Quietest Goat Breeds for Your Homesteae

Some goat breeds even keep on talking all day long. So, whether you genuinely want to know the quietest goat breeds for your homestead or reading this article for general information about goat breeds, this article will let you choose the quietest goat breeds till it ends.

1. Pygmy

Mistvan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for a charming and joyful companion, then pygmy goats are suitable for you. They are small, chubby goats that will keep you entertaining all day long with their activities.

They are perfect for professional purposes because of their lean meat and serve as a very loyal pet. Apart from this, some poultry owners raise them to show purposes because of their cuteness.

Because of their friendly demeanor, they can adjust quickly indoors. Apart from this, they get along with kids quite well. However, you must provide a clean shelter, proper food, and medication to them.

As they are social goats, they quickly adjust with other flocks and goat breeds as well. Even they are very frank and joyful, yet they are one of the quietest goat breeds ever that you can raise.

Also, ensure proper fencing around them as due to their small size, they are more prone to predator’s attack. Read our post on 5 Goat Predators that You Should Always Look Out For.


  • They are friendly animals that love the company of humans and other flocks.
  • They are adorable, joyful, and pretty goats perfect for economic purpose and show purpose.
  • They are pretty quiet.


  • Because of their small size, they are more prone to predator’s attack, and thus proper fencing is needed around them.

2. Nigerian

Nigerian Dwarf Goat
No machine-readable author provided. Dlanglois assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another dwarf and cute goat on our list are the Nigerian Goat breed. Native from west Africa, Nigerian goats are available in various eye-catching colors.

The feature makes them stand out of all other goats as pets require a tiny space to adjust. Being very friendly, they get along with kids, and others flock quickly.

Also, they have a calm temperament and don’t produce loud voices. Thus, your neighbors are never going to complain to you because of your goats.

Apart from this, they love playing. Thus, they need a large space to play and roam around. Don’t keep them at an air seal place; they prefer to live in an area with proper ventilation.

Their milk is perfect for cheese and ice cream production because of the high buttermilk in their milk. Still, people raise them because of their loyalty and companionship instead of raising them for economic purposes.

Another impressive feature of Nigerian goats is their high fertility; they can lay twins and sometimes quadruplets in one season. Thus, they are perfect for youth 4A and FFA projects.


  • They are the happiest goat breed that serves as a perfect companion for humans.
  • Their milk contains 6 to 1o percent of butterfat and thus suitable for cheese, ice cream, and other milk products.
  • They are very silent goats and have a calm temperament.


  • They are not perfect for meat, fiber, and leather production.

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3. Boer

Boer goat
Lazarus000, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for the best meat producing goats for economic purposes, Boer goat is perfect. Native to South Africa, these large-sized goats not only make very lean and succulent meat, but they yield it in large quantities because of their large size.

They yield very high-quality milk, as well. White in color, Boer goats, have red and brown heads. However, some of the goats are either brown or red completely. Their beautiful colors make them perfect for shows and exhibitions as well.

The best thing about Boer is that they grow very fast and are very highly fertile as well. But this doesn’t mean they are not suitable for pets. People also raise them for crossbreeding purposes.

Your neighbors are never going to complain about these goats. You can keep them with other flocks like chicken, domestic ducks, and cows as well. Although they are large, they get along with human kids as well.


  • They produce very succulent and tender meat and that too in very high quantity.
  • They are red and brown.
  • Large-sized goats with a very calm temperament.
  • They are hardy and thus adjust to any weather condition.


  • They are not suitable for leather and fiber production.

4. Tennessee

More commonly known as Myotonic or fainting goats, Tennessee goats have very stiff legs. They got their name because of their hereditary condition with which they keep on falling or, moreover, fainting.

They are very vigilant and thus one of the quietest goat breeds ever. Being very adaptive, they quickly adjust to all kinds of weather conditions as well.

They are small-sized goats with a very silent and friendly nature. The reason behind calling them fainting goats is because their legs freeze for 10 to 20 seconds automatically, and they fall on the ground.

People raise them because of their lean meat. Their nutritious milk also contains very high butterfat content in it.

Another reason they are perfect to be raised at the homestead is that they require minimal protection. Only small fencing is sufficient to keep them enclosed. They are very chubby and joyful goats that love to jump and play all the time. Also, you are going to get a perfect pet with a very calm temperament.


  • Because of their heavyweight, they produce a significant amount of lean and tender meat.
  • Their milk has very high nutritional value.
  • They are very quiet goat breeds and have a pretty small size.
  • Being independent, they don’t depend much on their owners.


  • They suffer from Myotonic syndrome due to which their legs stiffen for a few minutes if they get panicked.

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5. Nubian

nubians goats
VasuVR, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Anglo Nubian, they are one of the largest dairy goat breeds. Because of their floppy ears, they appear to be pretty cute goats and are a perfect pet.

Mostly Nubians weigh from around 130 to 175 pounds and have a height ranging from 30 to 35 inches.

Although they produce average milk with up to 4 or 5% of buttermilk, their milk is perfect for cheese, ice cream, and soap production. It doesn’t need regular shearing and is a hygiene lover, but you might need to deworm them at a regular interval.

Nubians are sensitive goats and get attached to their owners. They are, moreover, a cry baby and can be loud sometimes. But because of friendly nature and calm temperament, they get along with other flocks and kids very well.

They are one of the quietest goat breeds that you can conveniently raise on your farm.


  • People raise them because of their nutritious milk and tender meat.
  • They are very friendly and thus get along with other flocks well.
  • They are shy and cute because of their elf ears.


  • They could be loud if they panicked. So, your neighbors can sometimes complain about their noise.
  • They are prone to parasites and disease.

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6. Alpine

Alpine goats are one of the best dairy goats breeds you can raise on your homestead. With very high milk yielding capabilities, they can give up to 5 liters of milk a day.

Also, their milk is highly nutritious and contains ample amounts of vitamins A, H, K, E, B, and C that is perfect for the production of cheese, ice-cream, and soap.

Because of their milk quality and quantity, people mostly raise them for their milk only. Apart from this, they are very graceful and sophisticated goat breeds and prefer to stay calm.

They are available in almost all the possible colors and have a height ranging from 30 to 40 inches.

As they are hardy, they adjust everywhere irrespective of the climatic conditions. If you provide them a good feed twice a day and a comfortable living situation, they will become the perfect companion of yours.

Being very friendly, easy-going, and soft, they quickly adjust themselves even with other flocks. If you have kids at home, Alpine is the perfect goat breed to raise your poultry.

Also, they are one of the quietest breeds with a very calm temperament.


  • They can give up to 5 liters of milk a day.
  • Their milk is used to make cheese, ice-cream, soap, and other dairy products.
  • They are very gentle and sophisticated goats.
  • As they are hardy, you can raise them everywhere irrespective of the climatic condition.


  • They are more prone to disease, and thus they need proper vaccination.

7. Spanish

Spanish goats are a perfect combination of a hefty and a compact goat. They have a small height, not more than 20 inches but a comparatively high weight greater than 200 pounds.

Although they are not suitable for commercial purposes like meat production or milk production, they can be your perfect partner in crime because of calm temperament and silent nature.

They usually prefer to stay quiet and keep engaging in activities like jumping or grazing all day long. But they are also very friendly and can talk to you the whole day long.

They appear to be a bit conserve in the starting, but they will become your all-time companion as they start knowing you.

But try not to make them panic as they can be loud when they start panicking. Otherwise, they are the calmest and quietest goats that you can keep on your homestead.


  • Having a pretty cold temperament, they are the perfect goat breed as a pet.
  • They have quite fine hairs that can produce high-quality fiber.
  • They are very silent and calm in temperament.


  • They can be loud if they are panicked.

Final Thoughts

If you live in urban or suburban localities surrounded by many neighbors, then raising a flock can be a tedious task for you. In such a situation, the first approach of an individual surrounds to raise an animal that is quiet enough not to disturb the neighbors.

Well, this is the right approach as well. Goats are one of the cutest flocks you can raise at your homestead. But, not all of them will be quiet enough not to disturb anyone around you. Among the quietest goat breeds, the Pygmy goat is a perfect choice.