9 Smallest Pig Breeds That You Can Keep at Home

Are you planning to expand from cats and dogs and starting over with pigs? Then sit and relax. You are at the right place. Many people have this misconception that pigs cannot be an ideal pet. It’s time to break the idea.

Pigs as pets are very smart, obedient, and friendly and go along pretty quickly. Even if you have other pets like cats and dogs, pigs tend to get along easily. You can train them to do their chores outside your house in the garden or use just another litter box.

Let me keep you informed, pigs that are marked as pets are very clean. So, hygiene will never be an issue. Pigs are attention lovers. So, if you cannot give time to your pet, then do not choose a pig. Instead, go for dogs and cats. Generally, they do not require as much exercise as compared to cats and dogs.

And for food, commercial pig chows will satisfy them. But mind one thing, do not overfeed them. Overfeeding will lead to oversize animals, and that will not be good at all.

Pigs raised for meat are different. Let’s face reality. This isn’t easy. But many breeds of pigs are raised for meat—some for pork, some for bacon.

After you have known about pigs as pets and pigs in homestead, let us take you through

9 Smallest Pig Breeds That You Can Keep at Home

Our research here is a list of 9 Smallest Pig Breeds that you can keep at home. Here are a few breeds of pig that are ideal as a pet.

1. Vietnamese Pot-Bellied

Vietnamese Pot-Bellied
Just chaos, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vietnamese Pot-bellied is said to be the ideal pet material when it comes to pigs. These are small pigs weighing 50 kg on average with a height of about 36 cm. They are adorable and smart like you expect your pet to be. Its origin is traced back to Vietnam.

These pigs have a sagging belly that tends to touch the ground when pregnant. They have high resistance power from any diseases.

They are more comfortable in muddy and grassy areas. Their color is black, and the male and the female weigh nearly the same.

For the diet of Pot-bellied pigs, it is essential to own one. Because a pig’s diet is still not completely understood, but pot-bellied pigs should be two meals a day that contains the proper amount of nutrition. The diet should contain low sugar, high fiber fruits, and vegetables.


  • Cute and smart.
  • They need just two meals a day.
  • High resistance power from diseases.


  • You have to take extra care of their diet.
  • Prefers a muddy place to live comfortably.

2. Göttingen Mini Pig

Göttingen Mini Pig
Minipigs, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These are miniature pigs that came to light in 2010. They are sold in pet shops and are ideal pet material. These pigs are smart and can be handled easily compared to other big pigs. They are white with a pinkish tint on it.

These pigs are the result of cross-breeding and carry traits from each breed. Their average weight is nearly 26 kilos and has a height of 12-25 inches.

The Göttingen Mini Pig is a perfect pet material. They go along with humans and are very friendly and patient. They have a very playful nature, and their playing technique may seem a bit clumsy, but they are spotless animals. One thing you can be assured of is that they do not inherit the dominant behavior. They will be forever sweet.


  • Ideal as pets.
  • Amiable and smart animal.
  • Very social as a pet.


  • Do not have high resistance to diseases.
  • Can get stubborn.
  • These pigs require enough space to live and play freely.

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3. Mangalica Pigs

Mangalica pig
Lily15, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Want some unusual breed of a pig? Here you go, the Mangalica Pigs. They look like sheep and behave like dogs. This is an adorable breed that you would love to keep in your home. They are thick hair pigs. Here are many thick hair pigs, but the Mangalica Pig’s hair looks like woolen, making it unique.

These pigs weigh approximately 60-77 kg and stand 70-90 cm tall. They are not too big, and so not a problem to keep them as pets and generally white.

Like other pet pugs, the Mangalica Pigs are friendly, social, and playful; they love to be around people and seek attention. They behave more like a dog. These pigs prefer a favorable and cold climate for living.


  • Friendly, smart, and playful.
  • Behaves more like a dog.
  • They are very clean.


  • Tend catching fleas.
  • This breed of pigs can become sensitive at times if not taken care of.

4. American Yorkshire Pig

American Yorkshire pigs
Mark Peters from Baltimore, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This breed traces its origin from Yorkshire, England, in 1721. This is a domestic pig that gained tremendous popularity in Yorkshire and later in other parts.

American Yorkshire is big in size and white in color. They generally have erect ears. The average weight of this breed is around 204-295 kgs. These pigs are widely known for their exceptional meat quality and proportion. The proportion is really high given that these pigs are pretty muscular.

These pigs have a slow growth rate but are very adaptive. They adjust to every weather condition and are excellent mothers.


  • Domestic as well as farm breed.
  • The hardy body adapts well in every weather condition.
  • Adjust both indoor and outdoor.
  • Good mothers.


  • Their size tends to become significant.

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5. Berkshire Pig

Berkshire Pig
Evelyn Simak / Berkshire pigs

The origin of this breed can also be traced back to England, from the berk areas.

These are the oldest breed of pigs. This breed is about 300 years old and is ideal for meat production. Their meat is famous for its softness, juiciness, creamy texture, and marbling. Berkshire meat is also considered to be the highest quality pork.

There is no doubt about how much small-scale farmers benefit from pig meat which raises excellent profits. And it is always advantageous to use pigs that have a good disposition and low temperament issues.

Similarly, the Berkshire pigs are extremely friendly and curious and have a great mothering quality too. So, whether you consider them for milk production or outdoor operations, they perform incredibly well.

These pigs are medium-to-large animals and have a pretty good weight of about 270 kg. They are generally black with their legs white that makes it feel like they are wearing socks.

Berkshires are amiable animals and obey instructions. They do outdoor chores well.


  • Oldest and most famous breed of pigs.
  • Friendly and obedient.
  • Produces excellent quality of meat.


  • They are large in size and weigh about 270 kgs.

6. Chester White Pig

This pig’s origin can be traced back to Chester country, Pa. These pigs have medium-sized ears and are droopy. They have a unique mothering ability and are sounder creatures. Along with all, these are pretty durable.

A normal Chester White pig can gain 1.36 pounds per day. A full-grown Chester White Pig can yield 500-650 kilos of meat. The meat they produce is used as pork. These pigs are great for both intensive and extensive husbandry. They are more used for commercial cross-breeding.

Their diet includes table scraps like the skin of the potatoes, any other vegetable, corn husk, and soya bean meal and food of that sort.


  • Yields a fair amount of meat.
  • Domestic breed.
  • It can be used for cross-breeding.


  • Overfeeding will ruin the body of the pig and its nutrition content.

7. Large Black Pig

Large Black Pig
Amanda Slater, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This breed is a combination of 2 different geographic areas; south-west England and East England. They are long, and their body color is deep. They are hardy and can be used in extensive farming. They are used for producing meat, mainly bacon.

As the name suggests, large black pigs are genuinely large and pitch black. They have long and extended bodies, with ears so large that it sometimes causes hindrance in their sight.

The excessive hair coat on them is an advantage as it saves them from extreme sunny climates or even sunburn. As an adult, these pigs weigh around 700-800 lb, which is pretty big. Sow gives birth to 9-12 piglets.

Not to forget that these pigs are one of the hardiest breeds, which is known for their friendly and docile temperament. Moreover, they yield great lean meat without any excess black fat.


  • Hardy
  • Ideal for extensive farming.
  • Produces bacon.
  • The meat does not contain much black fat.


  • These are big.

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8. Duroc Pig

duroc pig
4028mdk09, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Native to America and one of the oldest breeds used in domestic farming, Duroc pigs are generally brown or golden yellow with medium length.

Previously the Duroc pigs used to be very large. But with time now they have become medium size. Their face is dish-shaped and has falling ears. At the same time, their skin color makes them distinct from other breeds. An adult Duroc pig should weigh around 770 pounds.

These pugs produce good quality pork. Their meat has richness and marbling. This breed consistently delivers high-quality meat, and that is why farmers most favor them.


  • Medium length.
  • Produces good quality pork.
  • They do not require high maintenance.


  • Do not have high resistance to diseases.
  • They can be aggressive at times.

9. Black Iberian Pigs

Black Iberian Pigs
comakut from Marbella, Spain, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Originated in Spain, this is a rare breed, but their meat is something to praise about.

Black Iberian pig changes between black, brown, and red and is medium-sized and weighs around 150-160 kgs, which is pretty basic. All pigs in this breed grow tusks irrespective of male and female.

The Black Iberian pig is well known for its adaptability. This even adds to their survival rates. These pigs are social and friendly, which allows them to live together peacefully.

Another interesting fact about this breed is that they can adjust both indoors and outdoors without any problem. Even if they are left on the farm with enough food, they will create any havoc. They are ideal for pastures.


  • These pigs do not require high maintenance costs. They are quite pocket friendly to raise.
  • Keeping in mind their adaptability, they are very social.
  • Along with all these, they are spotless as well, breaking the misconceptions that pigs are dirty.


  • This breed of pigs can become sensitive at times if not taken care of.

Final Thoughts

As the demand for meat production grows, so does the breeding of pigs. The pig breeds mentioned above not only work perfectly as home pets but also for meat production.

Pigs are pretty adorable and friendly animals to keep around. But you always need to factor in a few other things while considering a pig as a pet. Like, if there are kids around, you should absolutely avoid rough or aggressive breeds, cost considerations, food habits or preferences, and most of all the space it requires.